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Dollee Rendang Paste 200g

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Dollee Rendang Paste 200g
Rendang is a drier concentrated curry with stronger notes of aromatic lemon grass flavour. Just add chicken or beef to Dollee Rendang Paste with some water and coconut milk for this delicious dish.

Cooking Instructions
Serves: 5-6
Prep. Time: 25 mins
1 packet Dollee Rendang Paste
1.2kg chicken or beef
50ml or sufficient water for simmering
100ml coconut milk or fresh/low fat milk
Stir fry 1 packet of Dollee Rendang Paste with 1.2kg chicken or beef pieces (cut to preferred size).
Stir in 50ml of water and simmer until meat is tender. Stir occasionally and gradually add water as required if dish gets too dry when simmering.
Stir in 100ml coconut milk or fresh/low fat milk. Bring to quick boil and remove from fire. Serve hot with rice or bread.